The complete cloud platform for dental 3D printing


Onboard clients with ease and automate your workflow from scan to design to print.

Capture case data anywhere via web, mobile or API for a complete integration.

Share true-to-life designs with clients before fabrication via shareable links. Eliminate redesigns and headaches in parallel.

Trusted in 3D printing and digital dentistry

All-in-one solution

Onboard new clients in seconds and manage case submission, production, shipping, billing and more, in the cloud.


Integrated payments

Send invoices and automatically bill clients. Receive funds in two business days.



Bring your own domain. Point your A record to our servers and we'll handle the updates, security and storage.


HIPAA-compliant from end-to-end

All data on our platform is encrypted and secure from patient to lab.


3D design previewing

Upload models in seconds and get a shareable link for quick feedback and approval. Preview RPDs, aligners and other treatments with true to life texturing on any device.


Easy-to-use API

Integrate with existing processes and programmatically create cases. Migrate your entire workflow in minutes and focus on production and other tasks.


Smooth integrations

Connect your lab directly to Mailchimp to populate your mailing list. Transfer files directly to your Dropbox account. Explore a growing marketplace of vendor integrations.